yellow-passivated universal 2-screw clamp
acid-proof universal 2-screw clamp
yellow-passivated universal 1-screw clamp
acid-proof universal 1-screw clamp
KERKO R is strong universal clamp for joints of
solid hoses and exacting objects.
Objects of use
- Water and compressed-air hoses
- Hydraulic suction hoses
- Hoses of tank lorries (e.g. fuel and oil)
The basic components of the Kerko R clamps are
- tightening band of steel and
- pin-screw tightening mechanism
The high yield strength and flexibility of the tightening
band together with the tangentially adaptable tightening
element quarantee even compression of the whole frame
against the hose nipple.
KERKO R clamps are manufactured
- with 1 or 2 screws, band of 20 mm and
  • M6 thread (1R, 2R),
  • M8 thread and band of 25 mm on special request
    - yellow-passivated or acid-proof
  • Installation
    The KERKO R clamp is easily installed.
    The KERKO 2R clamp can also be installed after
    making the joint.

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